In Defense of New Year's Resolutions

Peace. With just a quick scroll down your social media newsfeed from mid-December through early January you’ll notice an overabundance of posts from friends stating the ways in which they’ll change in the New Year. These changes range from finance goals and “cutting people off” to the ever-popular health and weight-loss aspirations. In turn, you’re likely to see just as many (if not more) posts from people belittling and berating others for setting these goals. I get it. No one loves waiting in long lines for machines at the gym due to the influx of New Year’s resolution-ers. We all have that friend (and have probably been that friend) who sets goals each year, only to abandon them and return to business as usual come January 5.

Ideally, the best time to commit to change for the better is right now, but I’m of the personal belief that we should not discourage others from setting these goals. On a whim, January 1, 2015 my husband and I decided that we would embark on a ketogenic lifestyle. It wasn’t necessarily a “New Year’s resolution” but I’m sure that others probably saw it that way. If I had listened to the voices in my head (and on my screen) warning me about New Year’s goal failures, I would have never lost 60 pounds and eventually launch this blog. You never know where the first step will take you.

Allow people to start where they are and on their own terms. If that happens to be January 1, then so be it. A new year may be the fresh start and motivator that some need to make a major life change. And while odds are that many will soon leave these goals behind and return to old habits, the few that stick it out and see their goals through to the finish line will serve as examples of what a fresh start can bring.