Why It's Time to Ditch Your Fruit Juice


What I’m about to tell you pains me to say. Stubbing your pinky toe on the bed post pain. Looking forward to eating your leftovers all day, only to get home and find out someone else has eaten them pain. Waking up five minutes before your alarm is supposed to go off pain. Accidently hitting “request friend” when Facebook-stalking your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s sister’s dog’s profile pain.  Let me just get into before I lose my nerve:

Stop drinking fruit juice.

There, I did it. It was like ripping off a Band-Aid. But seriously, stop! Fruit juice is so delicious, often contains valuable vitamins and minerals, and is pretty much a staple that we all grew up enjoying with our breakfast, but here’s the thing: it’s just sugar. Yes, what you are essentially doing when you drink a glass of fruit juice is consuming 8 ounces of sugar water. You may as well be drinking a soda. This is because whole fruits contain fiber which keeps you full longer and slows down the absorption of sugar into your blood stream. Without the fiber, the sugar is entered into the blood directly, which causes your blood sugar and insulin to spike. The fiber is what makes fruit healthy, and when it’s stripped away all you’re left with is excess sugar which places extreme stress on your liver. This alone is a good reason to avoid the stuff, without even mentioning the preservatives and chemicals that are used to mass produce most commercial fruit juices. Additionally, unless you’re following a pretty consistent workout schedule, all of this sugar is likely to get stored as fat, contributing to weight gain and obesity.

You’re much better off enjoying pieces of whole fruit in moderation. You’ll still get the delicious juice that you crave, but the added fiber will be much for beneficial for your body, and won’t leave you craving another sugary snack 20 minutes later. If you must have a fruit juice, I’d recommend using juice extractors that retain the fiber in your drink.