Simple Ways to Use a New Moon for Manifestation

Peace! A new moon is the perfect time to set new goals, embrace new energy, create, and bring ideas into manifestation. Many people are not aware of the ways in which the moon can govern our emotions, health, energy, and intuition. If you’re looking for simple new moon rituals to make the most of this healing and manifestation period, you may try the following things:


Write down the goals and ideas that you would like to see come to fruition. Do not type these goals on your phone or computer. Instead, physically write them with pen and paper to begin the process of sending the energy into the universe.

Be specific with your intentions. Instead of “I want to be healthier” try stating “My body is free of all illness and disease” or “I no longer suffer from migraines.” By making your intentions clear and specific, you are making it known exactly what you want to attract.

Some individuals choose to “ground” their intentions after writing them. This can be done through the use of stones and crystals, or by burying the paper on which they are written.  The general idea is that it should be in the view or light of the moon for 24 hours.Others choose to burn the paper after 24-28 hours to “release” their intentions into the universe.

Try doing grounding yoga poses and allowing yourself to be present and at peace. Mindfulness is one of the keys to attracting the intentions that you’ve set for yourself.

Boldly and confidently states your mantras and affirmations aloud. Again, it is important to make your intentions clear.

Clean and rearrange your home, throw away clutter, and rid yourself of old energy. As you get rid of things that no longer serve you, you may imagine the negativity, resentment, and anxiety exiting along with their physical counterparts.

Distance yourself from people and places that do not aid in your growth, happiness, or prosperity. End toxic relationships and allow space in your life for new energy and opportunities. When you get that all-too-predictable text from that one ex who just won’t go away, hit them with the “new moon, who dis?” instead of the classic favorite “new phone, who dis.” Credit to the Hood Witch for that one. Love her!

Always remember to make time for yourself whether it be mind, body, or spirit. The next new moon is tomorrow (September 1, 2016 2:04 AM). This coincides with mercury retrograde and a new month. In other words: good luck. Ha.



Adrianna RuffComment