Michelle Lost 41 Pounds by Adopting a Ketogenic Lifestyle

Peace, family! As part of my health and wellness journey one of the things I’d like to do is share the stories of others, and the methods they utilize to achieve their goals. By doing this, my goal is to inspire those who may be battling with obesity, food addiction, weight-related illness, or any other ailments that make wellness seem out of reach.

I recently had the extreme pleasure of becoming acquainted with Michelle, an awesome woman who follows a ketogenic diet. She has lost 41.4 pounds in about four months, and was gracious enough to share snippets of her journey with me. For more information as well as finding out how you can follow her journey, continue reading.  

How long have you followed a ketogenic diet?

I started keto on May 3, 2016.

Who or what inspired you to go keto?

My dad suffered a stay in the intensive care for over a month due to his kidneys and other issues related to blood pressure. He's only 65 years young and it scared me.  He pleaded with me to get my health right and lose weight.  I've obeyed my dad. :)   

How much weight have you lost by adopting this way of eating?

As of today (September 1, 2016), I've lost 41.4 pounds.


What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced since changing your lifestyle?

There have been quite a lot!  I prepare several keto meals a day for myself, meals for my children, who are on the standard American diet, which includes fries and mac-and-cheese (I’m a savory addict), and also help with my husband’s meal prep. He is a bodybuilder whose meals consist of yummy carbs. Grilled Teriyaki chicken as well as roasted sweet potatoes are his favs for meal prep and happen to be a few of my favorite carb foods of all time.


What health benefits have you obtained other than weight loss?

I have clearer skin. I wear BB cream now instead of foundation. I have no hunger or cravings whatsoever. My hair has also grown about several inches since starting keto.  

How has your relationship with food shifted?

My cravings are now extinct. I can look at food as fuel and not for comfort or enjoyment now.  

What do you think is the biggest misconception that people have about low-carb diets?

When I started I made the mistake of sharing with family and friends.  They all said I'd have a heart attack.  That's the number one misconception.  Fat doesn't make you fat.  That's such an outdated way to live.  Fat is a clean burning fuel and the brain prefers fat fuel as opposed to carbs for fuel.  

How old are you?


What would you tell someone who’s thinking about making a major lifestyle change?

I can only tell you that the feeling of getting up without achy joints, not having that run down exhausted feeling or that 3pm crash anymore and most of all, the clarity of my thinking and the ability to streamline a sentence without fog is all the reason you should try it.  I'm not the only one benefitting from these changes with the keto diet.  Everyone does! 

How have things gotten easier for you over time?

It got easier after the induction phase or "keto flu" was behind me. Eating is not the joy it once was for me.  It's not the crash I suffered from one hour later.  It's not the wolfing down food and feeling guilty afterwards. It's just a beautiful thing. I eat delicious foods all day every day and there’s no guilt when I'm done. 

How have your friends and family members reacted to your change?

My parents- especially my dad - actually cried.  He's very proud and encourages me every day.  My mom has eliminated sugar from her coffee which is a start. One of my sisters has been very negative and cuts me off every time I try to talk about my weight loss journey but overall it's been positive now that they've seen me go from a size 18 to a 13/14 in 3 months.  

How have your goals shifted or changed since the very beginning?

They have not at all.  I started on keto and intend to remain on keto. I had my gallbladder removed in 2009 and my doctor recommended more protein and less fat due to this.  I complied and got off a plateau.  I'm still in ketosis, though.  I have test strips that indicate if I burn fat at any given moment.  

What is your take on “cheat days”?

I feel that this is a lifestyle change, and must be acknowledged as such when going into this change.  A wedding, birthday party or something – yeah, a few bites won't hurt but I don't recommend it.  The foods you are allowed on Keto are so delicious why would you want to cheat? 

Do you count calories as well or just sugar?

Yes, I count calories as well as carbs.  I don't go over 1500 calories a day. This deficit isn't necessary, but I like it.  It's actually difficult to get the calories in due to feeling satiated all day.  I also count net carbs since I'm still in the fat burning stage.  When I am in maintenance and reach my goal of 165, I'll revisit this.  

Where do you go when you need inspiration, ideas, and recipes?

I google recipes or look at the #transformationtueday hashtag on Instagram.

What exercises have you incorporated into your regimen?

I use a kettlebell 10 minutes a day. My husband bought me an elliptical back in 2010, which I'm just starting to use. I use it about 40 mins a week and the weight is still falling off (lol).  

What is your go-to keto meal that never fails?

Scrambled or fried eggs. The egg whites in a carton are my go-to lately.  They are surprisingly delicious, light, and fluffy without the yolk.  Try it sometime!

What is your ultimate wellness goal?

To obtain a fitness model physique. 

Outside of your health and wellness regimen, what types of activities do you enjoy?

I enjoy makeup, hair, painting, and cooking. I also collect art pieces.

Where can others follow you and keep up with your journey?

I have an Instagram which is @michellenocarbs and a YouTube page called “Michelle LCHF”