Low-Carb Snack Idea: Roasted Seaweed

Peace, family! One of the main complaints I hear from those just starting out on a clean eating or low-carb diet is the lack of quick and readily available snacks. I get it! Sometimes when you’re hangry, there’s not a lot of time to spend cooking and waiting around. In an effort to stop you from reaching for the potato chips, I’m starting a series of posts that will give you some low-carb snacking inspiration that won’t leave you wallowing in a pool of regret.

First up is roasted seaweed!

Now, if you’ve never eaten seaweed, you’re probably looking at your screen like “what the heck is she talking about” and getting ready to close your browser and move on. Wait! Let’s talking about because I was there too! My husband and friends would eat the stuff by the boatload (lol) and I’d be like “nah, I’m good.” Then I thought about the fact that I was already eating it in sushi dishes, and that it had to be packed with nutrients. I finally took the dive and tried ONE piece (while pinching my nose with my eyes closed). I. Was. Hooked. The stuff is absolutely delicious and it comes in so many varieties and flavors; my favorite is roasted red pepper!

You can now find packaged seaweed snack packs in most grocery stores on the international food aisle. In some stores it may be stored with the salty snacks such as potato chips and nuts. It is low-calorie, low-carb and extremely flavorful and satisfying. Pick some up today!