Low Carb Breakfast: Stuffed Bell Pepper (Eggs, Sausage Cheese)

Peace, family! I didn’t wake up to the smell of breakfast cooking so I figured I’d have to do it myself. Last night got a little “lit” (we still say that, right?) and I’m definitely feeling the aftermath this morning. I didn’t want to cook anything super laborious or tedious, but it needed to hit the spot.

I simply browned a half pound of turkey sausage, sautéed some fresh spinach leaves, and added two scrambled eggs to the mix. To turn it up a notch (and add a ton of flavor) I opted to serve the scramble in an orange bell pepper. I boiled the pepper for about ten minutes to soften, sliced it in half (because apparently, part of marriage means sharing food with your spouse), stuffed, added a little cheese, and baked at 350 degrees until the cheese melted.

For an additional health boost, I topped my meal with a tablespoon of hemp seeds. If you’re curious about the benefits of hemp seeds, I definitely implore you to do some research and see if it’s something you’d like to add to your health regimen. I’ll also be doing a post about hemp seeds and how they can aid in your wellness, so look out for that!