Low-Carb Chicken Chili

Peace, family! The temperature is finally starting to drop here in Texas, even if only slightly! Cooler weather always makes me crave chili, but what I don’t crave is the extra carbs from traditional chili that contains beans. I decided to put a little spin on my bean-free, low-carb chili and make it from chicken instead of beef. For extra ease (because, let’s face it- I did NOT want to cook) I used my ever-handy crockpot for the preparation of this delicious comfort meal.

I cooked 2 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breasts covered in broth for 7 hours overnight on low. In the morning, I drained the broth then used a fork and knife to shred the chicken which was extremely easy since the slow cooker makes it super tender. I then added an 8oz can of crushed tomatoes, mushrooms, red pepper, salt, paprika, oregano, ground chili peppers, and a cup of water to the crockpot. I replaced the lid, and allowed it to cook an additional four hours on low. Finally, I topped the chili with sour cream, cheese, and chopped green onion for the perfect flavor combination.

This was definitely husband-approved, hangry-approved, and low-carb approved.