Low Carb Mexican-Inspired Plate

Our Mexican-inspired favorites are usually loaded with carbs. Beans, rice, tortillas, and chips typically go hand-in-hand with this beloved cuisine. Tonight, we took the flavors that we’ve come to love, and whipped up a totally better-for-you plate featuring our Mexican-inspired favs. I’ve listed the ingredients below. Feel free to mix them in whatever quantities you wish. Of course, if weight loss is your goal, or you’re counting your macros (hint: you should be!), then you’ll want to break out your food scale and measuring cups for an accurate calorie count. It’s super-easy, high protein and fiber, and guaranteed to satisfy. My husband said that eating this made him crave a beer to pair with it. Maybe we need to start brewing our own low-carb beer. ;-)


Grilled Chicken

Your Preferred Choice of Leafy Greens



Sour Cream

Freshly-Made Salsa

Sliced Limes

Shredded Cheese