Stuffed Chicken Breast

Peace! These stuffed chicken breasts will have you running back for more! Let’s dig right in.


8 Oz. Cream Cheese

1/2 Cup Chopped Green Onion

½ Orange Bell Pepper

½ Cup Cilantro

2 Oz. Dried Beef

2 Tsp. Himalayan Pink Salt

2 Tsp. Ground Black Pepper


I used my food processor to chop the vegetables and dried beef. I allowed the cream cheese to soften on the counter for 10-15 minutes, before adding it and the spices to the vegetable mixture, blending for another 30-45 seconds.

I created a “pouch” in the chicken breast by inserting a sharp knife lengthwise as indicated by the photo below, and slowly dragging the knife to make a hollow center without puncturing the edges. You’ll want to be careful not to mistakenly cut additional holes in the chicken that would allow the filling to seep out.


I then used a spoon to stuff the chicken breast with the cheese mixture, making certain not to overfill. After stuffing the chicken, and seasoning the outside with olive oil, salt, pepper, and turmeric, my husband used our stove-top cast iron grill to sear both sides of the chicken breast for 3-4 minutes. I then placed it in a preheated (400 degrees) oven and allowed it to bake for 30 minutes, or until thoroughly cooked.

The end result was moist, delicious, and irresistible.