Low-Carb Sausage & Spinach Frittata

Peace! Breakfast for dinner is a regular occurrence for me. It's been a very busy weekend full of fun but I managed to remain keto the entire time. I wanted to end my Sunday on the right track, so I quickly whipped up this sausage, spinach, pepper, and onion frittata.

I started by browning half a pound of turkey sausage in a medium cast-iron skillet. When done, I added chopped red bell pepper, fresh spinach leaves, and green onion, allowing the veggies to sauté with the turkey. 

In a glass bowl, I whisked a half dozen eggs with sea salt, black pepper, dried dill, crushed red peppers, and oregano. 

With the cast iron skillet still hot (heat set to medium-high) I poured the eggs over the sausage mixture. As the eggs began to cook, I scraped the bottom and sides of the skillet allowing some of the eggs to scramble. With a good bit of the eggs still in liquid form, I quickly transferred my skillet into the oven for 15 minutes (heated at 350 degrees). If after 15 minutes you find some of your egg still in liquid form, return it to the oven for a few minutes while closely monitoring.

The end result was a beautiful and delicious frittata that will serve as dinner today, as well as breakfast and lunch tomorrow!