Low-Carb/Ketogenic Breakfast Sandwich

Peace, family! If you don’t enjoy breakfast for dinner then we are not the same in any way! Breakfast sandwiches are something we all grew up eating. That was when we had the metabolism and energy to devote to excess calories and carbs. Maybe I’m just referring to myself here. At any rate, I made this low-carb grown-up breakfast sandwich that is sure to satisfy your family from the tiniest to the eldest.

For my “muffin,” “bread,” “biscuit,” or whatever you traditionally use for your breakfast sandwich I subbed in eggs! I couldn’t find an egg ring, but Mason jar lids (clean them, please) worked just fine. I preheated and coated my cast-iron skillet with extra virgin olive oil. I whisked together about a half dozen eggs in a glass bowl and seasoned with black pepper, sea salt, and paprika.

I then placed the lids on the hot skillet, pouring as much egg as would fit in each one. I allowed it to cook on high heat for about three minutes, before lowering the heat to medium and covering for an additional three minutes until the eggs were firm and thoroughly cooked.

I then used the eggs as a base for my sandwich that I filled with natural, sugar-free turkey sausage and mashed avocado (mixed with bits of chopped tomato and Swiss chard).

In my efforts to consume more clean meals, I omitted cheese. Trust me when I say, it cut me deep down to the bone to exclude one of my favorite foods ever.

Try this out and let me know what you think!

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PS- I had the bright idea to try and flip some of my eggs before they were completely cooked. If you follow my Instagram account you may have saw the horrendous results. Trial and error. Trial. And. Error.